Shopping Carts Costs

Shopping Carts Costs

Make Your Store An E-Commerce Mobile Web Site. Your Shopping Cart Makes All Of Your Products For Sale Online. Get your products making money online automatically. Prices start @ $330.00 for setting up your ecommerce website. There is a cost per item over three items of $7.00 per post based on a min of 10 posts. We take Visa – MasterCard – Amex Paul @ 416-299-0767 Ext 100. After you pay the set up fees to get your shopping cart ecommerce webstore up and running. There are monthly fixed fees from your web store shopping cart software. With our sample page  as an example

PayPal Cost are not fixed or monthly

Shop STORE by jigoshop then check-out by PayPal

jigoshop $40.00 a month for help, but the ecommerce software is free within “WordPress” no transaction fee


Products STORE by Cashie Commerce then check-out by PayPal

Cashie Commerce $34/month, no transaction fee, Facebook Store Page STORE by Shopify Facebook Store then check-out by PayPal

Shopify Facebook Store $29/month NOT on your site Facebook Store Only
Not On Your Site SITE (Not Store) – you have a page on their site

Create Products  – Limit 10 Product
10 max per day sales
the ecommerce software is free — but you are paying both for set-up and then check-out by PayPal



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